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Map Search

We have multiple ways to view listings around your current location or you can search for surrounding listings by lake name, city, river, address and more. You can even show listings around your current location on GPS and geolocation enabled devices. Scroll down to view all options

Click Map
to start interactive search or choose an option below.

To view listings around your current location first click "Get My GeoLocation" then click search. Accuracy depends on the type of GeoLocation your device provides. IP geolocation will show your IP address location, not your actual location. GPS or WIFI GeoLocation can be very accurate.


View listings around an address:
Input your home address to see what is for sale in your neighborhood.
ex: 411 Main St. Cheboygan,MI


View listings around a city,lake or river.
This search will center a map over a a give city, lake or river and show current listings.
ex. Burt Lake or a city, Cheboygan then choose from the dropdown.